Relive the history of fashion at the Palais Galliera

Relive the history of fashion at the Palais Galliera

Atop the Chaillot hill stands the Palais Galliera, a monument to 19th-century architecture and the only museum in Paris dedicated to the history of fashion.

For a long time, the prestigious exhibitions at the Palais Galliera City of Paris Fashion Museum were only temporary. However, 2021 saw the opening of a permanent collection in the Gabrielle Chanel Galleries. The famous fashion house teamed up with the Palais Galliera to completely renovate the vaulted cellars and transform them into exhibition spaces. Haute couture fans can now admire almost 200,000 precious exhibits, tracing the history of fashion from the 18th century to the present day.

One of the most extensive collections in the world, the new exhibition features numerous period costumes, such as a 1730s robe volante gown, a multitude of accessories (jewellery, canes, parasols, hats), sketches by legendary couturiers, iconic photographs from the archives of the famous 20th-century fashion photographer, Henry Clarke, and designer creations such as a Chanel suit, a Christian Dior “Palmyre” dress and a “Vin chaud” ensemble by Jean Paul Gaultier, to name but a few. Once you have completed your tour of this magnificent gallery of permanent collections, take in one of the two or three temporary exhibitions still organised regularly on the ground floor.

Palais Galliera
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