Relive Japanese feudal history at Himeji Castle

Relive Japanese feudal history at Himeji Castle

Do not hesitate to take the train from Osaka for a day-trip visit to the most beautiful castle in Japan.

Less than an hour from Osaka by bullet train (shinkansen), this visit is a must for any castle lover. Overlooking a hill, Himeji Castle remains both the largest and probably the most beautiful in all Japan, and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

In a country where many temples burned and where civil war raged, this castle of stone and wood, built in the 14th century, remains standing and endures as one of Japan's greatest prides, with its four-storey dungeon, turrets, multiple doors, hallways, and buildings. Nicknamed ‘White Heron Castle', it was renovated in 2015, leaving the public the opportunity to discover a defence system, very sophisticated for the time, that included nearly a thousand arrow slits, which guaranteed no chance for attackers. The irony? The castle was never attacked...

Himeji Castle
68 Honmachi, Himeji
Hyōgo Prefecture 670 0012

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