Porto, a display of architecture and cultural heritage

Porto, a display of architecture and cultural heritage

Porto offers a dazzling display of old architecture. Be they Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque or Contemporary, the Portuguese city gathers them all.

Designated a UNESCO world heritage site, Porto offers an incredibly rich architectural heritage. The traditional azulejos that adorn numerous buildings give a singular charm to the city. About a hundred listed monuments are accessible in the historical centre. Amid the Ribeira, Batalha and Miragaia districts, churches especially are genuine testimonies of Portuenses' (inhabitants of Porto) Catholic fervour. On the other side of town on the south bank, the Serra do Pilar monastery is not-to-be-missed: it offers an incredible view onto the city, and the circular-shaped church is unique in all Portugal.
As for the bridges, they are an integral part of Porto's history. Six of them overhang the Douro banks. Dom Luís I is the most famous of them all, conceived by Théophile Seyrig, a student of Gustave Eiffel, when many tourists wrongly believe the latter to be the actual architect. Truth be told, it looks a lot like the Maria Pia bridge, drawn by the 'master' himself only half a mile away.
The work of Dutch 'star' Rem Koolhaas, the famous Casa da Música ('House of Music') shows a newer side of Porto. The city is changing and has definitely entered a new modern era.

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