Pongo-Songo: Chimpanzee island

Pongo-Songo: Chimpanzee island

A dozen years ago, Patricia Leschaeve created an animal reserve on this small island on the Sanaga River for animals threatened by deforestation and poaching.

While the UN Environmental Programme has protected the chimpanzees of the Douala-Edéa reserve since 2001, poaching and deforestation at times still have disastrous consequences on this small primate community. The Papaye France Association welcomes the wounded and orphans, teaching them to live on this island just as their parents had done in the nearby forest.

After a two-hour drive in a bush taxi, you are welcome to visit this refuge for a full day. Neither a zoo nor a tourist attraction, it is not equipped as such and so it is best to arrive with your own snacks, water and even some fuel for the small boat that will bring you across the river. Fruits and honey for the chimpanzees are welcome too. Once on the island, you can speak with the volunteers that will explain their activities. Live a child's dream playing with Jojo, Pistache or Cacahuète and walk them about on a strip of sand. They are affectionate, but also clever. Don't be surprised if they play a trick on you!