Poetic and imaginary journey at the Jardin des plantes

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Poetic and imaginary journey at the Jardin des plantes

A giant bench, animal-shaped sculpted plants, an unusual family playground… In Nantes, the Jardin des plantes is way more than a simple tribute to horticulture.

Listed as a garden of “remarkable interest”, the Jardin des plantes (Botanical garden) attracts no less than two million visitors each year, and it has remained a must in the city since it opened. For more than 150 years, plant collections have grown and the place has become a scientific study as well as a leisure park. Locals come to relax amid the seven hectares of greenery, lulled by the sound of waterfalls. Works of art are scattered around, like Wallace fountains, sculptor Camille Alaphilippe's Le Premier Miroir, Jules Verne's statue or Les Cerfs au repos.

Curious passersby will enter the 800 sqm of greenhouses and observe plants from around the world. Do not miss the ones that grow under dry climate, especially the many cactus species! However, this English garden is first and foremost dedicated to families and overgrown adults. Claude Ponti, famous author of children books, breathed in poetic imagination through twisted benches – including one that is 4-metre high! – or animal-shaped sculpted plants, as well as an Alice in Wonderland-style playground, where kids run amok through giants flower pots.

Jardin des plantes
Rue Stanislas Baudry
44000 Nantes

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