Pizzarium: for rediscovering pizza

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Pizzarium: for rediscovering pizza

You thought you knew what a pizza was? A trip to this tucked-away place close to the Vatican will show you otherwise.

It does not look like much and yet there is always a crowd of locals waiting for their slice of pizza, served al taglio Roman style, which means cut into rectangular pieces. There are no tables there, you have to elbow your way up to the counter. It is definitely worth the effort: this is an unforgettable pizza, made by the chef and owner Gabriele Bonci, the "Michelangelo of pizza", a man with a gladiator's stature and a big smile.

Everything is fresh and of the highest quality, starting with the crust ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil, organic spelt or Lazio wheat flour, naturally leavened. The toppings are just as scrumptious: traditional speck and mozzarella, but also pork cheeks, broccoli, dried sausage and spinach... More than a treat: this is pizza paradise!

Via della Meloria 43
00136 Roma

+39 06 3974 5416

Menu: around 10 EUR