Pickles: alliance of the good, the beautiful, and the daring

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Pickles: alliance of the good, the beautiful, and the daring

Between the cathedral and the centre, this contemporary bistro combines quality products, sustainability, and audacity.

Dominic Quirke, a former computer programmer from the UK, has pursued his passion for cooking after training among great chefs. Here is an address with few seats, a great artist-loft style decor with industrial details, and trendy wallpaper, but more especially, a friendly atmosphere (you need to reserve, as the word is out). At Pickles, the structure is clearly defined. The menu is short, the choice of products and vegetables is uncompromising, with small carefully selected producers, fish from small boats, and precise combinations orchestrated with passion and inventiveness. The collaboration of this atypical chef with the Omnivore team, coupled with his time with Alain Senderens and Gilles Choukroun, have produced an original style and a piquant spirit of creative lightness. Cold-smoked mackerel in sauce with fennel, Breton langoustine in curry and coconut milk, preserved organic pork served with Daikon noodles, dried zucchini and young parsnip are just some of the many Asia-inspired delights, all coming with the added bonus of being fairly priced. Jean Baptiste Truchard, the sommelier who earned his badge at the Crillon in Paris, proposes a selection of affordable wines. This is the best value in town.

2 rue du Marais
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 51 84 11 89


Menu: around 22 EUR