(Petit): a cosy bistro that's an alternative to high-design restaurants

(Petit): a cosy bistro that's an alternative to high-design restaurants

Inspired by the spirit of Parisian bistros, this restaurant offers the classics of Italian cooking.

(Petit) is run by Simona Miele and Luca Guelfi, who own several restaurants in Italy and the Caribbean. (Petit) also has an older brother-(Petit) in Miami. Located in the Porta Nuova neighbourhood, (Petit) breaks the code of alpine restaurants with its decor. The tables and chairs are of Parisian inspiration, while the mirrors and pale colours are Scandinavian. At night, the room is illuminated by more than a hundred chandeliers, candles, and candelabras, which give the space a cosy and romantic atmosphere. The Milanese love it... The other part of the restaurant houses a grocery and a real Italian mamma-style trattoria. The sausages are hung on the wall, the hams are enthroned beside the slicing machine, and at your table, the menu offers a variety of homemade dishes that satisfy all appetites. Try, among others, the fresh salmon carpaccio and, for dessert, the tiramisu, a speciality of nearby Piedmont. The octopus salad with potatoes, tomatoes and olives, and the tuna steak served with pistachios and mashed Jerusalem artichoke nicely complement the menu.

(Petit) Milano
Via Amerigo Vespucci 5
20124 Milano

+39 02 8969 0870


Menu: around 35 EUR