Passage Pommeraye: masterpiece of 19th-century architecture

Passage Pommeraye: masterpiece of 19th-century architecture

If there were a spot to symbolise the wealth of the city, this would be it. Listed as a historical monument, the passage is a sculptural and architectural treasure.

Regularly cited as one of the finest covered passages in Europe, since June 2015 the carefully restored Passage Pommeraye, (named after the man who financed its construction in 1840) is the city centre's 'classic treasure'.

Close to Rue Crébillon, renowned for the quality of its shops, the three-level passage and galleries host 26 different luxury shops, and a tearoom pastry shop. There are also leather goods and a concept store, all in a 'Parisian' spirit. Nine metres high, with oak stairs, remarkable lace wrought iron, medallions, and entry ways reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe, it is the place to spend time strolling about and shopping, or for a tea break (at the Passagère in the Régnier gallery).

It is an incomparable pleasure that is delightfully old-fashioned.

Passage Pommeraye
44000 Nantes