Opera Berlioz-Le Corum: a space like no other

Opera Berlioz-Le Corum: a space like no other

Unmatched capacity and advanced facilities make this institution the pride of Montpellier.

Friendly and resolutely modern, Montpellier has naturally become a popular destination for organisers of cultural events, such as business tourism. It was therefore necessary to equip itself with infrastructures commensurate with its reputation. This has been accomplished with flair by Le Corum, a hybrid space in the city centre that offers 6,000 sqm of meeting space dedicated to conferences, exhibitions, and other professional events, and three auditoriums with superior acoustic qualities, homes for the Opera Berlioz and the Montpellier National Orchestra, all on a single site.

Whether you attend conferences on water, energy, or gastronomy or sit in on the Radio France Music Festival which is held there annually the extreme comfort and functionality of this upscale space will impress. If you are not attending a specific event, the panoramic roof will allow you to escape the chaos of the downtown core, while offering sweeping views of the Polygone and Écusson quarters.

And for food lovers, the Corum Brasserie's inventive cuisine will delight with its Provencal accents. A must, with something to please everyone.

Opéra Berlioz-Le Corum
Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)4 67 61 67 61