Okko Hotel: Urban design

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Okko Hotel: Urban design

A unique concept for comfort and conviviality, this four-star experience is managed completely online. The result? No wasted time at check in or check out, and an intimate ‘all-inclusive' welcome.

The Okko spirit is a new idea of affordable luxury, coupled with genuine friendliness.

The hotel, located close to the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, is resolutely modern, and organised so that your stay will be pleasant and especially easy-going. Each of the 80 rooms has a coffee maker, available movies, and free Wi-Fi. The club area is accessible 24/7 with two fridges full of cold drinks, and for sudden cravings at any hour, biscuits, cheese, and mini quiches are offered. For working, there are two computers and a printer, and if you like the design furniture, it can be purchased on the hotel's e-shop. It's simple and tasteful, and you are welcomed directly by Annette Thomas and her team at any moment during the day or night, without having to register at a front desk.

Everything is easy, unpretentious, and accessible, including the sauna and fitness area. It's a new way of hotel living.

Okko Hotel
15 rue de Strasbourg
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 52 20 00 70


Rooms: from 84 EUR