Nyhavn, the typical Scandinavian charm of the harbour

Nyhavn, the typical Scandinavian charm of the harbour

Strolling around the Nyhavn canal is a fine way to admire a palette of colours in a warm and friendly setting.

Imagine a canal where a great number of old wooden boats are moored, bordered on each side by a series of buildings reminiscent of doll houses, whose bright colours are reflected in good weather in the waters. In winter, snow and ice replace the water, giving the place an almost magical Christmas atmosphere. This is the Nyhavn quarter for you, one of the most picturesque tourist areas of the Danish capital.

Built in the 17th century by King Frederik V, the canal connecting the Baltic Sea to the old town was intended to make it possible for boats to reach Kongens Nytorv (Royal Square). It suffered a bad reputation for a long time because thieves, drunken sailors, and prostitutes congregated there. Today the shady taverns have become restaurants and cosy bars that are crowded as soon as a ray of sunshine appears. In winter, the atmosphere remains warm: the terraces are heated and restaurants distribute blankets.