Nara: the ancient capital of Japan

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Nara: the ancient capital of Japan

Dive into the heart of the history and culture of Japan by visiting imperial Nara, just an hour from Osaka.

In case you do not know Japan, and if on a business trip you only have one day to visit temples, stroll through typical gardens and sample dozens of varieties of sushi, Nara is for you, as it concentrates all that is best in Japanese culture.

A former residence of the imperial family and a former capital, Nara abounds with Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and historical monuments within its beautiful park. The special feature of this park is the multitude of deer that freely roam, which will delight your children, who will, no doubt, enjoy feeding them.

To be sure not to miss anything, start with the three-storey pagoda (Kōfuku-ji), continue with the Nara National Museum and a stroll through the sublime Isuien Garden, and finish with a visit to the Todai-ji Buddhist temple.