Mythical Es-Safir Hotel

Mythical Es-Safir Hotel

The Es-Safir Hotel perpetuates the splendours of yesteryears.

It remains Algiers' other mythical luxury hotel and centre of the high life, notably with the Cabaret de Paris. During World War II, it was the war journalists' headquarters. John Steinbeck, Robert Capa and others turned room 140, which they named “Maxim Gorky”, into their private residence.
Today, the setting has not changed. The large Art Deco living room is still there, and so are the cosy mahogany bar and the cristal chandeliers. If you want to travel back into time, this is where to be in Algiers, with a perspective view onto the Boulevard de l'Impératrice. This is where the European part of the city began to grow, two steps away fropm the Grand Post Office and the administrative centre. Let us not forget about the seafront… Even if you do not go down to the harbor, you can always take advantage of the restaurant which offers a panoramic view.

Es-Safir Hotel
3, rue Asselah Hocine
16000 Algiers

+231 551 42 58 48

Rooms: from 13,050 DZD