Museum of History: all Osaka from A to Z

Museum of History: all Osaka from A to Z

All of Osaka's history—from the origins of the city to modern times—awaits you in this ten-storey tower.

Why not start your visit backwards? Head up to the 10th floor of this very modern building, built on the ruins of the imperial palace of Naniwa, erected during the reign of the 36th emperor of Japan, Kōtoku, from 645 to 745. You can admire Osaka Castle and its park, which spread out before you through the windows of the museum.

In addition to a full-size reconstruction of the main hall of the Naniwa Palace, inside you will find ancient artefacts, models, prints, illustrations, all accompanied by video projections. From one floor to the next, you will learn about the economic, industrial and cultural aspects of the city, from the Middle Ages through the Edo period, when Osaka was then the pantry of Japan, to the modern era and the clash of cultures. In particular, you can admire figurines depicting women in kimonos in their daily lives. Themes that are universal in their scope will help you better understand the history of the entire country.

Osaka Museum of History
4-1-32 Otemae
Chuo-ku, Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 540-0008

+81 (0)6 6946 5728