Blackitude Museum: a trip into African culture

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Blackitude Museum: a trip into African culture

At the heart of downtown Yaoundé, this museum is a testimony to the cultural and artistic richness of Cameroon.

Her Majesty Fo Nab Ngo I NANA Agnès Sunjio held an important royal treasure passed on by her father (and other Kings of West Cameroon). She founded the Blackitude Museum in 1998 to preserve a large part of the Cameroonian artistic heritage.

This institution now gathers more than 2070 artworks of various collections, such as wooden and bronze statues, traditional costumes and masks, and furniture. The museum teaches, values and spreads arts and culture in various themes.

African art is now considered one of the most stunning and diverse in the world. A visit is therefore needed to admire the beauty, style and finesse of these creations, which are the expression of peoples' beliefs.

The museum now expands into social and humanitarian activities, helping the poor and idle by teaching them a craft.

Musée Camerounais de la Blackitude
Downtown (across the Boulevard du 20 mai)

+237 222 22 03 00