Mount Cameroon: hike up the second highest summit of Africa

Mount Cameroon: hike up the second highest summit of Africa

At 4,090 metres, 70 kilometres from Douala, the climb up this still active volcano is an adventure that lasts two days and spans forests and savannahs.

Every year in February, the ascension of Mount Cameroon or Mount Fako, also called ‘the chariot of the gods', is one of the major sporting events of the country. This mountain race, one of the hardest in the world, brings together some 500 competitors. But you can also choose to make the hike at another time of year and at a rhythm conducive to making the most of the sublime landscapes. Once past the city of Buéa, where the Ecotourism Office will have provided you with all the necessary information, you cross manioc fields, as well as sugarcane and pineapple plantations. Roughly one day of walking brings you to Mann Springs. You can then wander through forests of rare woods, from the wenge, sapelli and iroko then choose one of the paths through the savannah that remains incredibly green and flowered, even in the dry season. From here you can approach one of the numerous craters—there are more than 600. You will perhaps have the chance to see a representative of the Bakweri people come and place an offering. After spending a night in a refuge, you can explore the former German colonial village guided by its roofs that shine under the Cameroonian sun.

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