Miyajima: a Japanese treasure

Miyajima: a Japanese treasure

A perfume of magic and spirituality bathes this blessed island, known worldwide for its large floating ‘Torii' (traditional gates), one of the most characteristic symbols of the country.

Located a few kilometres from Hiroshima, the sacred island of Miyajima is a must for any trip to southern Japan. Here you can visit the Itsukushima-jinja Shinto Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. This is one of the most famous places of the archipelago, with its celebrated red vermilion Torii immersed in Matsushima Bay.

Each day there are many boats ferrying crowds of visitors who come from Hiroshima to pray in this ancient sanctuary. Ten minutes are all that's needed to cover the little island, a place blessed by the gods, which also houses many Buddhist temples. Here, there are very few cars, some hotels, and deer roaming about freely—there are more than 500 on the island! What a pleasure to stay a night or two in this green landscape in the heart of the Seto Inland Sea. In late afternoon or at sunrise, before the arrival of tourists, the spectacle is truly breathtaking.