Marvel at the Langevin waterfall from below

Marvel at the Langevin waterfall from below

One of the most memorable and imposing waterfalls of Réunion.

Located in the south of Réunion along the Langevin River that flows from north to south before emptying into the Indian Ocean, the Langevin Waterfall, also called “Cascade de Grand Galet” is probably one of the most beautiful must-see waterfalls on the island.

The banks of the river Langevin is a traditional picnic area. A show of unique beauty is offered to visitors by the resurgence of crystal-clear water. For lovers of fresh water, going down from the Langevin Waterfall, you can find the Tour Noir Waterfall, which is also worth a visit: swimming is cool and easily accessible. Directions: at the exit of St. Joseph, continue on the road to the village of “Langevin” and then turn left at the large metal gate. The route then follows the river by a steep, winding road up to the waterfall.

On the way you will find many pineapple, banana and litchi tree plantations.