Maho Beach: a spectacular approach

Maho Beach: a spectacular approach

Raise your arms and touch the bellies of planes landing at Princess Juliana Airport.

Surprising but true – west of the Dutch capital is Maho Beach, a world-famous tourist attraction. And with good reason: lying on a towel, you can watch planes landing at Princess Juliana International Airport, just a few metres above your head. A plane spotters paradise, this is one of the few places where you can admire the trajectory of an aircraft from the end of a runway.

Watching the planes above the beach has become such a popular activity that departure and arrival times of different airlines are displayed on a table in the bars, and the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill even has an enclosure outside which broadcasts radio communications between pilots and air traffic controllers. Be careful and do not forget to breathe: the engine blast can be seriously exciting!

Maho Beach
97150 Saint Martin