Macesz Bistro, traditional dishes revisited

Macesz Bistro, traditional dishes revisited

Near the largest synagogue in Europe, Macesz Bistro celebrates Jewish culinary tradition, while giving it a modern twist.

Erzsébetváros, the old Jewish quarter, invites walking day and night - this is where the party is in full swing in all the romkert (“ruin bars”). Cross Gozsdu Passage, a row of six courtyards, lined with restaurants and bars where you will be spoiled for choice for an appetiser. Just steps away, Macesz Bistro will invite you to discover the flavours of an Eastern European brasserie, combining Jewish and Hungarian recipes revisited with a contemporary sauce. From lamb goulash to egg shakshuka and duck breast served with typical cabbage cream, the menu stirs the appetite. With white tablecloths and bistro chairs, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. On the walls, mirrors of all sizes are found alongside silver trays. Farther on, there is a child's rocking horse swinging from the ceiling and the hooks of the coat rack are composed of tableware. The decor is a reflection of the treasures of this traditional, innovative cuisine with multiple influences.

Macesz Bistro
Dob Utca 26
1072 Budapest

+36 (1) 787 6164

Menu: around 5,570 HUF