Look at the sky at the James Turrell Skyspace

Look at the sky at the James Turrell Skyspace

To enjoy a unique sensory and visual experience, architect James Turrell installed his Twilight Epiphany on the Rice University campus.

The installation is located near the Shepherd School of Music on Main Street and does not go unnoticed. It is a pyramid of concrete, stone and steel, almost entirely covered with grass. An opening in the roof forces a deluge of light into the construction. Its creator James Turrell loves to play with light and space. Since the 1970s, dozens of skyspaces have come up from the ground in the United States, but also in Europe and in Japan.

The concept is quite simple: at each sunrise and sunset, a LED system projects light onto the pyramid's roof. Visitors can therefore admire the interaction of natural and artificial lights. The construction is also an experimental lab for students of the music school, who sometimes invade the premises at night to enjoy incredible acoustics. You can check the sequences time schedule on the monument website.

James Turell Skyspace Twilight Epiphany
Rice University Campus
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