Living with Pushkin, along the Moika River

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Living with Pushkin, along the Moika River

A visit to the apartment where the great Russian writer died. His office remains unchanged.

Even though he was born in Moscow in 1799, the most famous of all Russian writers, Alexander Pushkin, died in Saint Petersburg in 1837. He had moved a few months before his death to this beautiful Classic mansion on the banks of the Moika. This is where he lost his life, after a duel with an officer who had made advances to his wife Natalia.

He was only 38 years old, but had already written works which had become literary hallmarks, like the novel Eugene Onegin and the poem The Bronze Horseman, for example. They would change Russian literature forever. In 1925, the apartment was restored and opened to the public.

His study is exactly as he left it, with his personal belongings on the desk, and his rich library of hundreds of books in several languages. Every January 29th, the day of his death, admirers lay flowers at the door.

National Pushkin Museum
(Vserossiyskiy muzey A. S. Pushkina)
Naberezhnaya reki Moyki 12
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