Lin Heung Tea House: a delicious spectacle

Lin Heung Tea House: a delicious spectacle

Join the crowd and enjoy duck with eight treasures.

Do not leave Hong Kong without a visit to this tea house. It has not changed since 1926, and it appears in the film In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai. Gentlemen come to read the newspaper in the morning and then, little by little, the restaurant awakens and soon the 50 tables are crowded with some 300 guests.

Charming waitresses push their carts among the tables and announce to no one in particular the dishes on offer. Customers hail them or go toward them. The restaurant resounds with a thousand cries. Yet it's a safe bet that this tea house will seduce you, because this is an authentic Hong Kong institution. Customers also celebrate it for its cuisine, including 30 speciality dim sum, a sort of Chinese tapas.

Do not miss the chicken, vegetable, omelette and bacon-strip bun or the duck with eight treasures and moon cakes, which the Lin Heung Tea House is famous for.

Lin Heung Tea House
160-164, Wellington Street
Hong Kong

+852 2544 4556

Menu: around 50 HKD