Les Relais de Joséphine for dolphin watching

Les Relais de Joséphine for dolphin watching

Facing Tiputa Pass, on the island of Rangiroa, this friendly pension has a ringside seat to watch the ballet of the cetaceans.

Excellent example of a small Polynesian hotel, affordable but no less welcoming than grander establishments, this also has the advantage of being ideally positioned where the reef ends: twice a day, the tide changes direction in the pass and dozens of dolphins take the opportunity to put on an acrobatic show.

An extraordinary spectacle that you will admire while reclining comfortably in your deckchair or from one of three bungalows on the beachfront. Four others are in the tropical garden, more withdrawn, but all inspired by traditional Polynesian architecture, as is the bar and the restaurant, which serves up excellent French cuisine with local products. What more could you ask for?

Les Relais de Joséphine
B.P. 140
98775 Rangiroa

+689 40 96 02 00


Rooms: from 20,000 XPF