Les Canards de Paris, an amphibious tour of the capital

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Les Canards de Paris, an amphibious tour of the capital

A far cry from traditional tour buses, this amphibious version combines humour and originality, so you can discover Paris by land and water!

Marcel is no ordinary duck. Rather than a beak and webbed feet, he has an engine and wheels! Not only that, but at 11 m, Marcel is also rather longer than your average bird. However, like other waterfowl, Marcel does switch from land to water with ease. Climb aboard this amphibious bus - the only one in France - and explore Paris like never before, from Champ-de-Mars to La Défense, via the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées and the Grand Palais.

This first part of the tour, by road, takes around an hour and a half and is accompanied by guides who explain the history of Paris in an enthusiastic, fun way. Once this is complete, the life jackets come out as Marcel prepares to leave the road behind and take to the waters of the Seine. The children in particular will enjoy the momentary bumps as your bus enters the water at the Île de Monsieur. Enjoy a 20-minute cruise along the river, past the gardens of Saint-Cloud, as far as the Île Seguin in western Paris. There is one last thing Marcel has in common with his feathered friends - he does not like the winter. He prefers to hibernate, so only gives visitors a ride from March to November.

Les Canards de Paris
Place Jacques Rueff
75007 Paris

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