Lené: more than a restaurant, an art gallery

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Lené: more than a restaurant, an art gallery

The inventiveness of Art Nouveau and refinement of modernism blend together in this charming restaurant in Catania's city centre.

On the last floor of a gigantic structure built in 1911, the Lené restaurant showcases a particularly elegant decoration, just like the precious wood floorings and stylish furniture it exhibits. A few contemporary art pieces also dress up the main area, giving a resolutely arty feel to the premises.
Regarding the menu - of which a large part is renewed daily, Lené offers traditional Sicilian cuisine, with every dish conceived using fresh ingredients from local producers. The chef loves to revisit old recipes for the surprise factor but, by popular demand from his most faithful patrons, a few specialities always remain. Indulge in a skipjack tuna in black sesame, caramelised red onions and pomegranate juice, and then some spaghetti al pomodoro with basil, the most Italian dish you can think of. As for the catch of the day, it will be enhanced by an eggplant dip and a tangerine-turmeric sauce. End on a sweet and fruity note with a chocolate mousse and orange jelly. Full flavours ahead!

Via Guglielmo Oberdan 144
95129 Catania

+39 338 752 2281


Menu: from 20 EUR