Le Mourillon: a village within the city

Le Mourillon: a village within the city

The Mourillon neighbourhood, with its quaint street scenes, is a favourite spot for family strolls in the sun.

Just a bit southeast of Toulon's old port, the Mourillon neighbourhood is its own unique village. Its church, daily market, and small businesses contribute to its picturesque atmosphere.

Facing the sea and the Sainte-Hélène sea baths, filled with beautiful bourgeois mansions, and surrounded by parks and gardens of rare species brought from distant expeditions, Le Mourillon is the chicest and liveliest part of Toulon. The coastline has seven hectares of man-made beaches, a water-sports centre with many activities for athletes of all levels and ages, and a multitude of bars and restaurants.

The wild and less known 'sentier des douaniers' path along the coast will bring you to the pine tree-shaded coves of Cap Brun and Mitre. The authentic fishermen's huts at the water's edge bring a joyful and colourful note to the nautical decor.

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