Latin Quarter: bohemian rhapsody

Latin Quarter: bohemian rhapsody

Boutiques, trendy cafés, a bohemian atmosphere, and an artist population: Welcome to the Latin Quarter.

Montreal's Latin Quarter is located in the immediate vicinity of Ville-Marie. Like its big brother in Paris, it mainly hosts artists, intellectuals, and now also students.

The Francophone university UQAM (University of Quebec at Montreal), with a distinguished international reputation, brings together 41,000 students installed in the most beautiful buildings in the city the cathedral serves, for example, as entry to certain classrooms. Meanwhile, in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the entertainment district hosts more than 30 theatres and an engaging range of art galleries.

The Latin Quarter loves authors, musicians and artists of all kinds. Stroll through the always-bustling Rue Saint-Denis, with its sidewalk cafés, bookshops, restaurants, and countless bars. This is a must during your stay in Montreal.