La Briciola: ambassador for Italian cuisine

La Briciola: ambassador for Italian cuisine

The most elegant Italian restaurant in the capital continues on its brilliant trajectory in a historical setting where white stones and red brick adorn a lovely patio.

The stronghold of Gianni Valveri is nestled into a sumptuous 17th-century palace, opposite the cathedral. Also owner of the Briciola in Milan, he ensures the quality of this venerable institution, which will soon celebrate its 40th birthday. With a lounge bar, a salon dedicated to intimate concerts, three vaulted rooms, an arcaded terrace, and exotic gardens, the place lacks neither space nor personality. You will discover tasty and colourful seasonal Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by the best of Italian gastronomic culture, from Tuscany to Umbria. From the olive oil and pasta to the buffalo mozzarella, Chianti wines and bubbly Prosecco, the authenticity and quality of the traditional Italian products are not open to debate. Among the preparations of the chef, trust in the octopus carpaccio with capers and small onions, the osso buco served with a Milanese risotto, and the salmon fillet in passion fruit sauce,

Atlantico carpaccio, delicious specialties that must be tried.

La Briciola
Calle Arzobispo Meriño 152A
Santo Domingo, 10210

+1 809 688 5055

Menu: from 2,448 DOP