L. Mulligan Grocer, gastronomic pub in a 200-year-old inn

must-go-to - bistro
L. Mulligan Grocer, gastronomic pub in a 200-year-old inn

Discover the L. Mulligan Grocer, an original spot in Dublin, between traditional pub and creative restaurant.

On the north bank of the Liffey River, L. Mulligan Grocer is always packed. This 200-year-old institution was once neglected but returned to its former glory, even becoming a must in Dublin. It retained the old-school pub look, with a black and red front, solid wood shared tables commonly found in 19th-century inns, old concrete tiles and period wooden floors.
In the kitchen, L. Milligan Grocer rather bets on creative and ambitious recipes, an approach that made it a spearhead for Irish “gastropubs”. The menus are housed in old children's books that come apart, presenting dishes inspired by traditional Irish gastronomy, with a touch of modernity. Served with a glass of beer, cider or whisky – to be enjoyed in moderation, of course – you shouldn't pass on the house special: the scotch egg, a soft-boiled egg wrapped in breaded sausage meat. Nothing better to discover genuine Dublin cuisine in all its subtlety!

L. Mulligan Grocer
18 Stoneybatter
Arran Quay
Dublin 7

+353 (0)1 670 9889


Menu: around 30 EUR