Jaffa: the bride of the sea

Jaffa: the bride of the sea

Like Acre, Jaffa more than 4,000 years old was one of the most important ports on the route to the Orient. Today it has become a historical and picturesque neighbourhood.

Many times looted and ransacked, the multi-millennial port of Jaffa is fascinating from all points of view. Its Oriental charm attracts history buffs, with sites ranging from the Clock Tower, built during the Ottoman era, to the Wishing Bridge on which you may read the signs of the zodiac represented as mosaics, and on from the old port one of the oldest in the world to its Shuk Hapishpeshim flea market.

Do not be surprised to spend hours discussing and negotiating with vendors when there buying jewellery, clothing, Persian mosaics, and curiosities of all kinds it's a real Aladdin's cave. Sunday morning, which opens the market week, is the perfect time to get there.

After a morning of palaver, treat yourself to a gourmet break in the Mediterranean breeze at one of the friendly cafés of the Old Port. You can then revisit the maze of picturesque alleyways in the city, dotted with the villas of American and Russian billionaires.