J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen

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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen

For lunch, dinner or dancing, a visit to J's Fresh will provide you with everything you need!

This new pub does not deny the success of its big brother on the outskirts of Karen District. This time in the Westlands, the expatriate district, J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen is always full, morning, noon and night!
In a relaxed atmosphere with minimalist decor, take a seat on one of the chairs at the counter or along one of the large wooden tables.
The restaurant hits all the notes of wholesome and tasty cuisine including some English pub specialties: bacon chicken, smoked paprika scotch eggs, fish and chips, pork ribs, burgers, vegetarian dishes, smoothies and fruity cocktails.
In the evening, the J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen welcomes you to the sound of the house DJ. You will easily be won over by the prevailing good mood, sitting on the terrace or in the great hall, covered with the warm light of Kitengala's glass lamps.

J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen
Muthangari Drive

+254 707 612 585


Menu: around 1,800 KES