J.K. Place Roma, for a glamorous getaway

J.K. Place Roma, for a glamorous getaway

Ideally located amid the historic centre, this hotel is the very essence of elegance and glamour, a perfect setting to live the Grande Bellezza.

From the outside, there is nothing particularly remarkable about Via Monte d'Oro, 30. It seems like just another elegant 17th-century palace, in this case the former architecture school of the Sapienza University of Rome. Yet behind the walls lies a treasure: the J.K. Place Hotel, which opened in 2013. The restoration was orchestrated by designer Michele Bönan, and it is one of his finest achievements. From the common areas to the 30 rooms, via the lounge bar and rooftop, everything there expresses a refinement bordering on perfection.

The layout and interior design give the impression of being in a luxurious home rather than a hotel. The antique ottomans, Moroccan rugs, bookcases, and reading rooms are in a perfect mix of materials and colours, sometimes velvety and shimmering, sometimes raw and neutral. The rooms have the same subtle balance of modern sensibility and classical elements. Their elegance is matched only by the comfort they offer, with each being perfectly equipped. Ask for one with a private balcony, from which to contemplate the Eternal City.

J.K. Place Roma
Via di Monte d'Oro 30
00186 Roma

+39 06 982 634


Rooms: from 510 EUR