It's more than just decor at the Baccarat Cristal Room

It's more than just decor at the Baccarat Cristal Room

After the fall of communism and its state-owned restaurants, there was a time when there was only the decor to eat in Moscow. Michel Lenz's cuisine was the glittering exception.

Michel Lenz in Moscow is a bit like the Bristol, the Crillon, and Evian's Royal Club moving there. What we appreciate about his cooking, with its unique dietetic and synergistic touches are his great timeless creations, as luminous as this plaster-walled palace by Philippe Starck.

A sparkling meal, great vintages, and masterful Champagnes are wonderfully supported by the magnificence of the Baccarat crystal. This romantic, elegant restaurant offers an inventive culinary language, a subtle blend of flavours and textures that mingle and bind together the properties of each ingredient. Cold appetizers like classic Kamchatka crab salad with blue quinoa, parsley, lemon balm, and banana-flavoured green oil are sublime. We recommend the grilled wild bass, risotto with porcini mushrooms and morels, and arugula salad.

And, for dessert, a Paris-Moscow, or even a cold soup of mango and frosted pineapple juice.

Cristal Room Baccarat
Nikolskaya Street, 19/21

+7 495 933 33 89

Menu: around 5,000 RUB