Iron Gate Inn: Mediterranean inspired, locally sourced

Iron Gate Inn: Mediterranean inspired, locally sourced

The finest cuisine from Greece and southern Italy, made with products from nearby farms.

Built after the Civil War on land where a barn once stood, the Iron Gate has been famous ever since chef Anthony Chittum, previously based in the next-door town of Alexandria, reopened it in 2013. It has a solid reputation, certified by many food critics, for several reasons.

First, the chef learned his trade from some of the best in San Francisco and Washington. Second, it uses the best products from local farms. Sometimes, of course, they come from further away the fragrant Italian olive oil, for example. Chittum skilfully reinterprets the delicious flavours of Greece, Sicily, and southern Italy. In fine weather, ask for a garden table, in the shade of a vine and wisteria more than a century old. This restaurant gives off incredible charm…

Iron Gate Inn
1734 N St NW
Washington DC 20036

+1 202 524 5202

Menu: around 60 USD