Indulge in a foot massage

Indulge in a foot massage

Here, one goes to the reflexologist as one goes to the hairdresser. In Hong Kong, health begins with the feet.

Instead of getting a foot massage just before leaving Hong Kong, why not have one at the beginning of your stay? A good one will lessen the effects of jet lag by restoring your body's energy flows.

Hong Kong has excellent reflexologists who charge much less than many of their colleagues elsewhere in the world. Your therapist, whose practice is based on over a thousand years of observation and care in Chinese medicine, presses on specific points on the body that are remotely connected to other parts of the body.

The session takes place in a specific order: grip, joint release, stretching, smoothing the feet, massaging the toes and metatarsals, and then massage in order to treat reflex points. Don't plan anything hectic for after your massage and don't blush if you fall asleep during the session.

Reflexology Sanctuary
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