In the cobbled cosiness of Rio de Janeiro

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In the cobbled cosiness of Rio de Janeiro

As Rio de Janeiro is not just about its carnival, we invite you to the heart of the urban jungle, all dressed in stone and glass. Let the exploration begin…

Rio's central district (Centro) has an abundance of historical buildings with astonishingly rich architecture. As you weave through bars crowded with regulars in full discussion, travellers, tourists and students cross paths in the endless bustle. Up ahead, “sobrados”, pastel-coloured colonial houses, resist developers with recent laws now protecting this heritage that makes up the charm of the historic district.
At nightfall, Centro is silent, under the benevolent gaze of the Nossa Senhora da Glória Baroque Church, a jewel of Brazilian religious colonial architecture.
From the Praça XV de novembro (November 15th Square), the residence of the governors of the city's captaincy in the 18th century, it was later home to the country's viceroys, John VI of Portugal, then Brazilian emperors.
Walking around Centro requires a certain sense of direction, yet allows you to discover a fascinating life, far from the common seaside images of Rio.

Rio de Janeiro's historic centre (Centro)