Immerse yourself in history and the “onsen”

public baths
Immerse yourself in history and the “onsen”

In the forested mountains of the Hyogo Prefecture is the Spa World theme park, the public baths where all Osakaites come to relax.

Since the 7th century, the Japanese have been going to the Arima spa (onsen), where the hot, salty, carbonic springs are renowned for their therapeutic qualities. One hour from Osaka by bus, immerse yourself, towel on your head, in the two baths, both public and mixed, and follow in the footsteps of Japan's unifier, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who came here regularly to relax in the 17th century.

If this 100% Japanese aesthetic of the sabi, highlighted by the writer Jun'ichirō Tanizaki in his famous book, In Praise of Shadows (1933), does not move you, you will undoubtedly prefer the 21st-century approach of Spa World. This offers an amusement park and an eight-storey onsen, as well as saunas, swimming pools, reconstructions of Roman baths, ancient Persian, Balinese, Greek, and Spanish pools as well as Finnish saunas... Know that the onsen are open 24 hours a day, but they are not mixed. Depending on the week, men have access to certain rooms, while others are given over to women only.

Arima Hot Springs Tourism Information Center
790-3 Arima-cho Kita-ku, Kobe
Hyōgo Préfecture 651-1401

+81 (0)7 8904 0708

Spa World
3-4-24 Ebisu-Higashi
Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Préfecture d'Osaka 556-0002

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