Hydra, island of cats and paintings

Hydra, island of cats and paintings

An hour and a half from Athens by boat, off the Argolis Peninsula, the island of Hydra eagerly awaits your arrival.

When you land in the port, cats greet you. They are the true gods of the island, while other deities, like the musician Leonard Cohen, who lived here for a long time, abide by the following saying: 'In order to live happily, live hidden'. Although it has become a famous seaside resort, Hydra cultivates simplicity. Is it due to its rustic nature?

Whatever the reason, cars never made it to Hydra. You move around on foot, by bike, or by donkey. You dive from towering cliffs into emerald water. You climb steep trails that lead to the Profítis Ilías Monastery. It would be a shame to spend only one day on Hydra. Stay there for at least two days, so that you can understand its unalterable island tranquillity.

During your walks, if you are a fan of architecture and decor, enjoy the rustic beauty of its houses and do not hesitate if you can, to interact with the residents and visit a few. How could you fail to appreciate their terraces overlooking the sea?