Historical El-Djazaïr Saint-George Hotel

Historical El-Djazaïr Saint-George Hotel

On the heights of Algiers, everybody keeps refering to this luxury hotel as the “Saint James”. Some legends never die...

This Moorish palace was transformed into a girl boarding school and then into a luxury hotel in 1927, when the English bourgeoisie became infatuated by the mild winters of Algiers, said to be good for the health. Édith Piaf, Winston Churchill and many other international celebrities left their mark there.
Its botanical garden is Algiers' most beautiful after Garden Hamma. Roses and jasmine are in full bloom all year long. Architect Fernand Pouillon who lived nearby at the Villa des Arcades renovated the hotel in 1982 and added two wings to highlight its Moorish style and bring it back to its former glory.
The place is now owned by a National chain. You'll appreciate its delicate charm and classical arab luxury with large rooms for a very reasonnable price, especially considering its status as a luxury hotel.

El-Djazaïr Saint George Hotel
24, avenue Souidani Boudjemaa
16000 Algiers

+213 23 48 11 08


Rooms: from 26,500 DZD