Heteroclito: oenology is originally Greek

winebar - terrace
Heteroclito: oenology is originally Greek

Oenos means ‘wine' and logos means ‘speech'... and yes, the Greeks invented oenology!

Forget retsina. Did you know that, until the Middle Ages, only Greek wine was served in Europe's royal courts?

In ancient times, the land of this country was covered with vineyards, and wines were exported throughout the Mediterranean. Wine belongs as much to Greek tales and legends as Dionysus, Ariadne, and Odysseus. The ancient grape varieties had practically disappeared, but thanks to a new generation of winemakers and traders, their viticulture and wine tasting are now experiencing a new craze. Hence the emergence of wine bars in Athens, attracting a young and trendy crowd. Opened by Madeline Lorantos and Dimitris Koumanis, Heteroclito offers a wide selection of wines. Some 20 nectars sourced from small regional growers are available by the glass, accompanied by a plate of charcuterie and cheeses that are of course Greek, whilst the cellar section boasts hundreds of wines sold by the bottle.

Amongst these treasures, wine connoisseurs will recognize wines from the Gerovassiliou estate and an excellent Malagousia. To enjoy them – in moderation of course - take a seat either on the terrace or inside at one of the tables in a bar that cultivates a 1950s Parisian spirit.

Fokionos 2 & Petraki
105 63 Athens

+30 210 323 9406


Drinks: from 2.5 EUR