Harry Sasson: a maestro at the oven

Harry Sasson: a maestro at the oven

The most popular chef in Bogotá in a restaurant that bears his name.

Harry Sasson, whose name is well known to all gourmets, has put his talents to work at this eponymous restaurant. One of the best gourmet addresses in the city, it is ranked in the top 50 Latin American restaurants. It is housed in an ivy-covered, elegantly renovated 100-year-old mansion, and it attracts a clientele with fine palates drawn to this innovative cuisine with Asian accents. In the elegant dining room, brick elements have been kept next to classic leather furniture that leads on to an annex of very contemporary glass and steel.

The plates are masterpieces: crab bisque, chicken breasts and potatoes in rosemary, fresh grouper steak and crab or salmon dumplings, as well as national specialities, including ajiaco santa fereño, which is served in the chef's refined version with capers, sliced ​​avocado, puffed rice and a hint of sour cream.

Harry Sasson
Carrera 9 # 75-70
Bogotá 111221

+57 (1) 347 7155


Menu: around 155,000 COP