Go to the beach at Repulse Bay and look for the dragon

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Go to the beach at Repulse Bay and look for the dragon

Get out of the city and head for the white sands of Repulse Bay, which has lost none of its charms of yesteryear—nor its lurking dragon.

Named after a British ship, the Repulse, which helped hunt pirates in the region in the 19th century, Repulse Bay has long been a vacation spot for rich Hong Kongers. Admire the beautiful vestiges of colonial splendour, including the hotel, The Verandah, in its green setting. It is now the seaside annex of the prestigious Peninsula hotel.

In winter, which is never too cold in Hong Kong, the hotel offers a rarity: a fondue simmering over the open fire of the large fireplace in the lounge. But, do as the swimmers do and enjoy Repulse Bay for its white sand beach, one of the finest and most extensive in Hong Kong.

The soft green mountains of the South China Sea protect the bay, accentuating its charm. And do not miss the curious building on the seafront. The hollowed-out centre is designed to let the dragon go through, so he can go drink from the sea…

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