Go to a baseball game

Go to a baseball game

Two steps from Downtown Houston, Minute Maid Park is the Astros' official stadium, one of the most prominent baseball teams at the moment.

In the United States, every major city has to own a baseball team, if possible one that plays in the MLB, Major League of Baseball. Houston is no different, as it offers home to the Astros. If the team does not hold the New York Yankees or San Francisco Giants records, the Astros do fiercely defend their colours and their stadium, the Minute Maid Park, which is nationally renowned.

Take a guided tour of the ballpark and get behind the scenes. Still, is there a best way to really feel the atmosphere of the stadium than to watch the game from the terraces? Do not be surprised, hot-dog breaks are many and it is unusual to see spectators remain in their seat for more than 15 minutes. Baseball season starts in April and ends in October. Get your tickets fast!

Minute Maid Park
501 Crawford Street
77002 Houston