Riverside Museum in Glasgow, unifying land and sea

Riverside Museum in Glasgow, unifying land and sea

Named after its location along the Clyde River, this gorgeous new building was designed by architect Zaha Hadid. It houses the transportation museum.

Built in 2011 on the site of an old shipyard, the building shines and exudes modernity and complexity, crowned by two-hundred tons zinc-titanium mirroring structure. Turned towards the water along the Clyde River, the façade evokes for some an EEG and for others breaking waves.
Inside, the museum endeavours to give a summary of land-based transportation. Skateboards stand alongside a steam locomotive, a tram or an 1898 subway car. The collection also puts on display a series of vehicles built in Scotland, from automobiles and bicycles to motorbikes and even a hearse.
After inland transportation, you'll move on to the sea section. On board the Glenlee, a wondrous 19th century cargo ship berthed along the museum, various items, photographs and documents tell the life of sailors at sea. An impressive collection for a breathtaking setting.

Riverside Museum
100 Pointhouse Road
Glasgow G3 8RS

+44 141 287 2720