Gatlin's BBQ: Texas ribs

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Gatlin's BBQ: Texas ribs

Houston is full of excellent barbecue restaurants. Among them, Gatlin's, which above all, is a family affair.

Everyone agrees about certain restaurants, and Gatlin's BBQ is one of them. The darling of the public and the media, it has already won the Houston Press Barbecue Award twice, awarded by ‘The Houston Press', a free cultural weekly. Regulars come for the welcome, which is unlike any other, while those new to the restaurant come back for its culinary expertise.

Gatlin's serves barbecue sauce grilled spareribs - ribs - in every imaginable way: in salads, sandwiches or in a ‘spicy' version. It also offers a deliciously tender beef brisket – the house specialty – or recipes from Louisiana, all accompanied by amazing baked potatoes. Over and above the content of your plates, you will be charmed by its rustic setting. Greg Gatlin and his parents have recently moved into their new location on Ella Boulevard, which is six times larger than the old premises, but also more convivial. So there's something to satisfy all of their many fans!

Gatlin's BBQ
3510 Ella Boulevard
77018 Houston

+1 713 869 4227

Menu: around 13 USD