Gastronomic journey at MUME

Gastronomic journey at MUME

MUME takes you on a culinary odyssey, brought about by three talented chefs from various backgrounds.

Kai Ward is Australian, Richie Lin from Hong Kong and Long Xiong was born in the United States. The three of them have worked in some of the best restaurants – including Copenhagen's famous Noma – before starting their own.
Discover a setting, all dressed in golden wood, with an open kitchen and minimalist decoration, which echoes their search for simplicity in excellence. They work in close collaboration with the best, carefully selected producers. Their contemporary approach perfectly blends with ancient Asian culinary traditions yet maintains Taiwanese classics in the fold: give in to the grilled cabbage filled smoked salmon eggs and hazelnuts, pork chops in aged miso glazed in plum brandy, or a summer salad consisting in about 30 different vegetables.
This expertise and creativity find an echo in the sensational care, presentation and service – a show in itself!

N° 28, Siwei Road
Da'an District

+886 2 2700 0901

Menu: about 4 300 TWD