Galvin HOP, chic bistro

Galvin HOP, chic bistro

After Galvin La Chapelle, starred chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin get on the bistronomy train with Galvin HOP.

Taking up the spot of their former wine bar at Spitalfields, HOP is located right next to Galvin La Chapelle, their starred restaurant. This time, the kings of French brasserie in London are trying their hands at a chic London pub. Galvin HOP has all of the trimmings of a classical pub: an immense zinc bar, tiled walls, dark wood floors and bistro tables. The ambiance is casual, and you'll likely start a conversation with the folks at the next table over. In short, Galvin HOP has all the attractions of a local pub.
However, the revolution is in the kitchen! The traditional brasserie cooking has been notched up with a bistronomic accent. The chefs even make suggestions for beer and food pairings, like great restaurants do with wines. Definitely go for the Galvin Dog Deluxe, a hot dog with truffle mustard that you can even order to takeaway.

Galvin HOP
35 Spital Square
London E1 6DY
+44 (0)20 7299 0404

Menu: around 15 GBP