Galerie Art+Text, Budapest looks Hungary's future in the eyes

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Galerie Art+Text, Budapest looks Hungary's future in the eyes

Only two steps away from Liberty Square and the Danube River, gallery owners defend a bold approach to contemporary art.

Founded in 2014 by two specialists passionate about art history who had already published various books on the topic, the ART + TEXT Gallery offers wall space to upcoming artists as well as recognised masters from the 60s and 70s. Set up on the first floor of the famous Bedő House, architectural marvel built in 1903 that also shelters the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau, it displays the work of many avant-garde creators, at once modern and of their time.
Photographs, sculptures and installations take centre stage in a space devised as the missing link between Hungarian contemporary art and the international scene. Whether aimed towards abstraction or, on the contrary, drawing inspiration from social issues, the exhibited pieces will hold your interest.
The gallery also publishes its own magazine on Magyar arts. The feeling will linger on ground floor, where you will find the Art Nouveau Café that serves local pastries.

ART+TEXT Budapest
Honvéd Street 3
1054 Budapest

+36 20 935 9889